Electrical and Green Energy



The Electrical and Green Energy Technologies program covers the elements of electricity and the electrical procedures and techniques for wiring residential, commercial, and industrial units.  Students receive comprehensive instruction based on the National Electric Code which governs current rules and regulations of the trade.  


Students are provided with opportunities to practice the skills required for wiring various types of new construction. Other tasks include performing on-site electrical maintenance, and cutting, bending, and installing conduit. The installation and wiring of motors and motor controls are also part of the curriculum. Students become familiar with many of the latest advances in the electrical field such as programmable electronic control systems. 


Furthermore, students learn and utilize knowledge and skills related to “green” renewable energy and management. Students are introduced to green renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Sustainable and cost-efficient energy methods are measured, examined and compared. Students problem-solve to design and apply energy solutions. 


Future Jobs & Career Paths 


Electrical Engineer 

Electrical Contractor 

Electrical Consultant 

Electrical Inspector 

Electrical Estimator 

Electrical Purchasing Agent 

Master Electrician 

Journeyman Electrician 

Electrical Sales Representative 

Control Room Operator 

Marine Electrician 

Media Electrician 

Military Career 

Electrical Maintenance and Service 

Electrical Lineman 

Logic Programmer for Programmable Controllers 

Service Technician 

Transportation Signals Installer 

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