The Electronics program is an exciting career program designed to prepare students for electronic technical positions or postsecondary technical educational opportunities in the rapidly growing electronics and information technologies fields.

The program provides an intensive three-year educational experience that includes coursework and hands-on experience in basic electronics, DC circuits, AC circuits, semiconductors, digital (systems, logic, and applications), micro-processors, computer repair, networking, electronic measurement, audio systems repair, and process control. Students also learn the basics of amateur radio operations and may earn a Federal Communications Commission license.

Completion of the Electronics program lays a foundation for students whose future plans include selected electronic and computer certification programs. Curriculum aligns with the Student Electronics Technician (SET) certification and includes elements that align with CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications.

Future Jobs & Career Paths

Electronic Engineering
Radio and Television Engineering
Computer Repair
Industrial Electronics
Medical Equipment Repair
Telephone and Electric Companies
Major Industrial Companies
Industrial Engineer
Computer Engineer
Network Engineer
Military Service
Industrial Robotics

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